Why Music?


music_voice_of_the_soulI’ve come to think about this blog over the past couple of weeks and why it is that music is so important to me and other people. What is it about music that makes others feel so connected to complete strangers at a bar, or more intimate with loved ones? It doesn’t even have to be a specific genre of music. Even though I am not an EDM fan or a fan of any kind of technologically based music, I can appreciate it for what it is and I have found myself at parties or bars where this kind of music is playing and even I felt more connected to others there just by doing the classic fist pump or head bang. I’m not sure it is something that can be fully explained, it is something that is felt. Any kind of person who has lived any life at all can tell you how music has affected their life and how it has somehow made them feel more connected to others either in that moment, for a lifetime, or all the little moments in between. I think it is very important to remember the power of music in this age of digital worlds and technology. Not only is my generation of millennial’s losing the ability to connect face-to-face with others, I see it happening with older people as well. Music is one of those things that is so transcendent that it is almost impossible to compare it to anything else. I’ve seen studies done showing that the best way to bond a group of people together who hardly know each other is to put them all in a room and have them sing together. It is this musical expression and the release of emotion that binds people together. Music creates this kind of interpersonal connection with others without people even feeling the need to talk about it. It is just something that is felt. Next time you’re at a party, a bar, or social gathering just look around and observe how people are interacting and then think of how it would be if no music was playing at all. So, why music you may ask? As the photo states, music really is the voice of the soul, it is a voice that can be spoken by so many people, but more importantly it can be felt everyone. Why do you think music is so important in connecting people? I would love to hear your comments! If you like what you read, please give me a follow! I’ll follow you back.

What Does Music Mean to You?

I was thinking about this question the other day. I was having one of those days that was just kind of a downer and of course certain music and certain songs brought my mood back to happy where it usually is. It’s funny how music can take you back to a particular moment in time that you remember so well, for better or for worse, and it still helps heal the pain. But, on the flip side of that, music can also put you in such a good mood and have you looking ahead to the good times that are still to come. I decided to ask some friends of mine what music meant to them and how they think it brings more connection to other people. In a way they all had different results that yielded some of the same answers. The majority of my friends said music is something that heals their soul and yet cannot quite be put into words at how music does that. Sure, the obvious things like calming the mind, soothing the soul and mending a broken heart, but it is more of a feeling that a lot of people cannot describe.One of my buddy’s Jake, said that as soon as you find out someone likes particular song or band that you like as well, you feel a stronger connection towards them and it instantly opens up the conversation airwaves that allow for a real face-to-face connection with another human being. The power of music has a way with words and feelings that teach people how to connect with one another. A lot can be learned through music, just like Thomas Rhett’s new song titled “I learned it through the radio”.Music teaches us how to feel and connect with others without even fully realizing it. That’s what music means to me, and some of my friends. What does music mean to you?

A Picture Paints 1,000 words, but Music is so much more

I saw this quote the other day that said” music is what feelings sound like”. To me, this quote kind of sums up what music and this blog is all about. A lot of people feel a certain way but do not know how to express or articulate that feeling in a direct way. But all it takes is one song or one lyric and all of sudden that person knows what he/she is feeling and how to better express it to others. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve seen people at bars become instantly connected to other people, some even strangers when a song comes on and everyone starts singing along and feeling this sense of connection, even if it only lasts 3 in a half minutes. I was talking to some strangers on campus the other day and was asking people how they would feel if they found out this stranger walking by was listening to the same song as they were or liked the same music. The answers I got were what I was hoping for. People said that they would think that is pretty cool and they would be more inclined to talk to that person based off of similar tastes in music. In a world where society, especially my generation, is so caught up in their little 4 inch screens and are slowly losing the ability to communicate and connect with others in person, I find that music is more important than ever in helping create connection between people. This past weekend I was at a buddy’s house where five of us were hanging out, cooking, having a few beers, a typical saturday evening event. Of course music was playing in the background, and a particular song came on during the perfect moment. We had reached a point in the evening where the majority of people were on their phones checking all the important stuff they need to check.. But, when “Don’t Stop Believing” came on through the speakers, everyone kind of looked up from their phones at each other and expressed an emotion of joy and started singing along to it. I felt this energy and even more connection to them when we all started singing. We were bonding without evening knowing it, and the song took everyone away from their phones for a bit. To me, this is what music is all about. It has this transcendent power that humans feel and it creates the environment and the ability for humans to connect to one another on a more personal level,even if it is just for one song. To me and a lot of other people, this is a beautiful thing.

Music As a Language


Have you ever wondered why it is that people seem to connect with one another when singing a song? Some studies have suggested that a good way to connect a group of random strangers is to place the…

Source: Music As a Language

Music As a Language

Have you ever wondered why it is that people seem to connect with one another when singing a song? Some studies have suggested that a good way to connect a group of random strangers is to place them in a room together and have them all start singing the same song at the top of their lungs. I know for me music has a way of moving me and connecting me with others in ways that I can hardly put into words. I have always felt a powerful connection with music, and through that I have felt a connection with others, sometimes complete strangers. There is this country bar by my school that my friends and I always go to on the weekends and I have noticed the connection people make when certain songs are played. I have noticed people start talking to people they do not know and singing at the top of their lungs with this random stranger and both of them have a big smile on their face and you can just tell the connection the two are making. I’m sure most of you have had an experience where a song comes on and you and some random stranger or someone you hardly know, put your arms around each other and start singing to it. I know I have had this experience a number of times. One of the more memorable experiences was at a Zac Brown Band concert about a year in a half ago. They played their song “As She’s Walking Away” and one of the people I was there with instantly felt something similar that I did and he and I had a great sing along to that song and bonded over that connection. The beauty about music is that some people connect with the lyrics more, while others connect with the music side more. After talking to a good friend of mine, James and I found that just because he connects with the actual music side of things more while I connect more with lyrics first doesn’t mean the two of us connect to the song and with each other in any less kind of fashion. The beauty about music is that two or more people can connect to a song in different ways and still feel the same connection towards each other. I know the majority of us out there have certain memories to a particular song and whenever that song is played it takes you right back to that moment in time, whether it is  a happy moment or more of a sad moment. It allows you to relive that experience and that connection you had with someone in a sub -conscious way. Here is an interesting article on musical memories and dementia: http://musicandmemory.org/about/brain-music-connection

Keep on listening to music that feeds your soul and remember the strong connection it makes with other people. The next time you feel alone, happy, or disconnected from the world, whether you’re in your home, out at a bar or just taking a walk, just remember that music can save the soul and all you have to do is start singing.

Music Creates Connection


This blog will be about the connection that music brings to people, especially in ways that people do not fully realize anymore. In today’s world,society has become overtaken with technology and people are slowly losing the ability to interact with each other face-to-face. This musical connection blog will be about how music can be bring back this human connection to one another. Music is something that has always been felt and shared, from religion, to different cultures, music has been around throughout history and has been there to help tell the stories of others. It has a way of connecting each other through similar and different reasons that brings out an emotional connection that is not felt as much in today’s world. I am a college senior and have been observing the lack of face-to-face interaction around campus for awhile now. One thing I have come to notice is that most college students have their headphones in while walking to class and most are listening to music. This is where the idea came to me for this blog. This will be a blog where I will talk with people and other students to get their feelings on music and how they think it can connect them to others without needing a small bright screen in their face. People can comment and interact on this blog about their feeling with music and how it brought them closer with other people in hopes of them realizing that music is a great way to bring back that face-to-face interaction/connection that this world is slowly losing. I will be suggesting songs  of the day, discussing people’s different experiences (including my own) with music and concerts and how they feel about music bringing back face-to-face interaction to this technologically driven world. Music is one of the most powerful entities in this world that expresses and articulates feelings and emotions that humans cannot express with words alone. Music teaches us how to feel and with that, it teaches us how to connect with others. As the legendary Dave Grohl once said” You can sing a song to 80,000 people and have them sing it back to you for 80,000 different reasons”.