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Well Folks, another week is upon us. As we enter this week, remember to be grateful for what you have while retaining the drive, the audacity and the selfishness to achieve your goals this week, whatever they might be. This song is badass and gets me pumped to attack this week with all I’ve got. Hopefully it does the same to you.

On The Way Home

on the way home

Hello readers!! Boy has it been awhile.. I got super busy with getting a first real job and training for two months and finally moving out to Austin, Texas! I just moved out to Austin a week ago and decided I wanted to get back to writing for this blog and to be more consistent with it. So here goes nothing.

Moving to Austin was something that I wanted to do but did not fully realize how tough it would be to leave home and my parents. I had almost a year at home with my parents after I graduated and I am so glad I had that time with them. But, now it’s time to move on with life and continue to grow. With that being said, moving down to Austin and finally having my parents leave was very sad and a little overwhelming in a way. I do not know many people in this city ( about two) so this is a scary and somewhat lonely part of life’s journey. But, a necessary step! It’s important to not get too sad and down though, because I look at everything I have going for me, the opportunities that await me, the love and support from friends and family and of course music. After going through the super sad emotions I started to perk up a bit, and one song in particular inspired this post. For those who have read some of my posts, it’s no secret that I am a huge John Mayer fan and believe there’s a Mayer song for everyone. The song that has stuck out to me recently is one by him called “On The Way Home.” It’s a great tune with a nice little summer vibe to it. The line that sticks out to me though and rings so true is “just remember on the way home, you were never meant to feel alone, it takes a little while but you’ll be fine another good time coming down the line.” I mean there’s really no explanation needed for this one, it’s pretty black and white. But boy does that line from the first chorus really lift my spirits and put it all in perspective. It gets you realizing all the past times you’ve felt a similar way and how all those times turned into another good thing after sometime. Maybe it was as a kid when summer was ending and you had to go back to school ( which is pretty much what the song is about), or maybe a vacation ending and you had to go back to work. Either way, more good times have always come along after those moments. So, as I’m out here in Austin on my own, I take comfort and truth in this song knowing that I’ll get my life going here eventually and things will be grand. What are some songs or lyrics that get you guys in a happier state of mind? As always, if you like what you read please like, subscribe, and share! Look for more daily posts from this blog from now on.

Here’s the song if you want to take a listen:


It’s in the Heartbeat



Hey everyone! I know it has been sometime since my last post. I got caught up in this little thing called life. But, I am back with fresh ideas. By now, any reader should be able to tell that this is a blog about music and how music connects you with others and with yourself. I think music is so popular with everyone throughout every corner of the globe is because it expresses feelings and emotions in ways that can be sometimes be tough for people to put into words or actions. It doesn’t matter if it’s lyrical or purely instrumental. Music washes over us all in a way that can truly only be felt and not as much described. It opens new doors, new possibilities, new conversations that lead to new and stronger relationships. I’ve discussed several times in this blog about the power of music and how it relates to everyone and brings people together so I won’t repeat myself again.Recently we had some family friends over for dinner and a fireside chat and one of the guests was my dads guitar teacher whom we have known for years. So naturally the conversation led to a lot of music discussion. We talked about Miles Davis and jazz, Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Peace Prize for literature, Springsteen songwriting, Van Morrison, and even made it all the way to Vince Guaraldi and his famous Charlie Brown Christmas album( which will be discussed in coming blog posts as the holiday season is upon us). As our discussion went on I felt that I was beginning to understand our family friends on a different level because of the shared musical connection and interests. Music has a way to feed the soul and the heart in ways that are indescribable that leads to a more powerful connection with others and with yourself. So, if you’re feeling as if you’re in a place of blah with yourself, others close to you or with even strangers, put on some music, discuss music and let yourself feel that connection become stronger. As always, if you like what you’re reading please share and like and subscribe! My song of the day for this post is “The Rising” by the BOSS himself Bruce Springsteen. If you don’t know it go check it out and instantly have yourself a better day. If you already know it, go listen again.


A New Direction

Hello readers! It has been awhile since my last post. I apologize for the amount of time that has passed since I last posted. I’ve been busy graduating college, taking some time off for the s…

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Why Music?


music_voice_of_the_soulI’ve come to think about this blog over the past couple of weeks and why it is that music is so important to me and other people. What is it about music that makes others feel so connected to complete strangers at a bar, or more intimate with loved ones? It doesn’t even have to be a specific genre of music. Even though I am not an EDM fan or a fan of any kind of technologically based music, I can appreciate it for what it is and I have found myself at parties or bars where this kind of music is playing and even I felt more connected to others there just by doing the classic fist pump or head bang. I’m not sure it is something that can be fully explained, it is something that is felt. Any kind of person who has lived any life at all can tell you how music has affected their life and how it has somehow made them feel more connected to others either in that moment, for a lifetime, or all the little moments in between. I think it is very important to remember the power of music in this age of digital worlds and technology. Not only is my generation of millennial’s losing the ability to connect face-to-face with others, I see it happening with older people as well. Music is one of those things that is so transcendent that it is almost impossible to compare it to anything else. I’ve seen studies done showing that the best way to bond a group of people together who hardly know each other is to put them all in a room and have them sing together. It is this musical expression and the release of emotion that binds people together. Music creates this kind of interpersonal connection with others without people even feeling the need to talk about it. It is just something that is felt. Next time you’re at a party, a bar, or social gathering just look around and observe how people are interacting and then think of how it would be if no music was playing at all. So, why music you may ask? As the photo states, music really is the voice of the soul, it is a voice that can be spoken by so many people, but more importantly it can be felt everyone. Why do you think music is so important in connecting people? I would love to hear your comments! If you like what you read, please give me a follow! I’ll follow you back.

What Does Music Mean to You?

I was thinking about this question the other day. I was having one of those days that was just kind of a downer and of course certain music and certain songs brought my mood back to happy where it usually is. It’s funny how music can take you back to a particular moment in time that you remember so well, for better or for worse, and it still helps heal the pain. But, on the flip side of that, music can also put you in such a good mood and have you looking ahead to the good times that are still to come. I decided to ask some friends of mine what music meant to them and how they think it brings more connection to other people. In a way they all had different results that yielded some of the same answers. The majority of my friends said music is something that heals their soul and yet cannot quite be put into words at how music does that. Sure, the obvious things like calming the mind, soothing the soul and mending a broken heart, but it is more of a feeling that a lot of people cannot describe.One of my buddy’s Jake, said that as soon as you find out someone likes particular song or band that you like as well, you feel a stronger connection towards them and it instantly opens up the conversation airwaves that allow for a real face-to-face connection with another human being. The power of music has a way with words and feelings that teach people how to connect with one another. A lot can be learned through music, just like Thomas Rhett’s new song titled “I learned it through the radio”.Music teaches us how to feel and connect with others without even fully realizing it. That’s what music means to me, and some of my friends. What does music mean to you?