Breezy Trees and Crunchy Leaves


Hello Readers! I hope you are having a good start to your week. And if not, then maybe the fact that it’s officially Fall will cheer you up. I do not know about you guys but I love Fall. The weather starting to cool, the sweaters and heavier jackets making their seasonal debut, women in beanies, and the sense of the holidays being just right around the corner. Fall is a great time. And although it still may be warm in some places ( it is still early Fall), I am in the Fall mood. To me, nothing quite says Fall like ” It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” To me this soundtrack just really takes me to that Fall place. As soon as I start playing it I can taste the apple pie, see the fresh pumpkin patch and smell the Fall candles. That’s what this movie/soundtrack does for me. Perhaps it does something different for you. Let me know in the comments if you’re in the Fall mood. Let’s share some Fall memories on this post! Now as I sign off until the next post, put on this soundtrack, breakout your sweaters and beanies, and let the music take you to that open pumpkin patch, or smell the pumpkin spice as you’re officially whisked away into the Fall season.


Well hello readers! I know it’s been awhile again. I’ve been off in Europe for a couple weeks taking in and exploring the magnificent cities that are London and Paris. Then I had to make a quick trip back home to CA for a family wedding ( which was quite nice). However, now that I am more or less back I am ready to start bugging you guys with some more music posts. The biggest thing that has come out since my absence ( in my opinion) is the release of Kip Moore’s third studio album ” SLOWHEART.” I know you might be noticing how my titles are often the same as albums or songs, well that’s to get your attention to try and make sure you checkout and don’t forget what I’m talking about. Some of you may know that I am a MASSIVE Kip Moore. I love his music, and respect the hell out of the guy for his work ethic, dedication to his fans and his lifestyle. This album has been well worth the wait. Every song could be a hit. It’s that good. I had to make a post about it. For those of you who do not know him, go and checkout this album and his last album ” Wild Ones.” It’s worth it. You’ll ears will thank you later. That’s it for now. More content coming soon!