A Musical Discussion

As I’m sitting here in my apartment drinking hot tea and listening to some jazz, a re-ocuring thought keeps popping into my head. I’ve always wondered what people connect to more. Is it the lyrics of a song? The melody? The instruments? Of course the obvious answer here is all of the above. That’s what makes music, music. However, I am sure people connect differently to each of these aspects. Honestly, for me I go back and forth between lyrics and sound of the instruments. As a guitar player I hear certain notes or phrasing mixed in with a great pedal sound and I am overwhelmed with emotion and the occasional goosebumps. But as a music lover, I can hear any kind of instrument, melody, voice or song lyric and be completely overtaken by it. I think music has that kind of beautiful hold over us. Part of this post is me just thinking out loud ( nod to Ed Sheeran) to really try and figure out where I stand. But I remember having a conversation with a good friend of mine back in college and telling him that ultimately I connect with the lyrics and melody of a song first ( which I suppose is still true) and he came back with the complete opposite response. He said he always listens and connects to the instrumental parts of a song first. This is an interesting question/topic to me with no real right answer. I am curious to have your thoughts on this question and why you connect and feel towards one side over the other. I’m sure one makes you feel strongly more connected to yourself, the song that’s playing and/ or with someone else depending on the situation. Be honest with yourself cause I’m sure you do favor one more over the other. This question has always fascinated me so I am curious to hear some replies in the comments! If you like what you are reading here, give it a like and a follow. I do appreciate it. Have a good rest of the week!