A Picture Paints 1,000 words, but Music is so much more

I saw this quote the other day that said” music is what feelings sound like”. To me, this quote kind of sums up what music and this blog is all about. A lot of people feel a certain way but do not know how to express or articulate that feeling in a direct way. But all it takes is one song or one lyric and all of sudden that person knows what he/she is feeling and how to better express it to others. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve seen people at bars become instantly connected to other people, some even strangers when a song comes on and everyone starts singing along and feeling this sense of connection, even if it only lasts 3 in a half minutes. I was talking to some strangers on campus the other day and was asking people how they would feel if they found out this stranger walking by was listening to the same song as they were or liked the same music. The answers I got were what I was hoping for. People said that they would think that is pretty cool and they would be more inclined to talk to that person based off of similar tastes in music. In a world where society, especially my generation, is so caught up in their little 4 inch screens and are slowly losing the ability to communicate and connect with others in person, I find that music is more important than ever in helping create connection between people. This past weekend I was at a buddy’s house where five of us were hanging out, cooking, having a few beers, a typical saturday evening event. Of course music was playing in the background, and a particular song came on during the perfect moment. We had reached a point in the evening where the majority of people were on their phones checking all the important stuff they need to check.. But, when “Don’t Stop Believing” came on through the speakers, everyone kind of looked up from their phones at each other and expressed an emotion of joy and started singing along to it. I felt this energy and even more connection to them when we all started singing. We were bonding without evening knowing it, and the song took everyone away from their phones for a bit. To me, this is what music is all about. It has this transcendent power that humans feel and it creates the environment and the ability for humans to connect to one another on a more personal level,even if it is just for one song. To me and a lot of other people, this is a beautiful thing.


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