Song of the week

Well hello readers! I know it has been quite a long time since I posted. It’s been a bit crazy these past few months. I moved back to California, which has been awesome. I started a new job at a startup then that company completely out of business and I’m back looking for another job. That’s a little updated on what’s been going on with me. But enough of that, let’s get back to the music. I came across this classic tune thanks to Avengers Infinity War. It’s a great song from a great era and it has been on repeat for the past couple of months. Take a listen and turn it on up! Let me know what your favorite song(s) are from that era.

Song of the Week


Here is the song of the week. I am a big James Bay fan and I must admit when I first heard the studio version version of this song I was not overly impressed. But it grew on me and then I heard this acoustic version and I get what James Bay is going for. I still like his older stuff better, but he is pushing his sound and I respect that. Take a listen and let you and your significant other whisk each other away.

Song of the Week


What’s up music lovers! I decided to make this song the song of the week. I love this band called “The Dirty Heads.” They have that California vibe, which I love. This song is all about living right here and now and truly enjoying the present. Or at least that’s how I see it. Whether it’s through old school vibes mixed with past friends/family and nostalgia, or through new friends and new experiences. It doesn’t matter. All we ever really need is the right here, right now.

Drop it in the Groove

Hello Readers and welcome to 2018! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season, I know I did. One of the great things that happened to me over the holidays is I FINALLY really got into old records and that smooth sound of vinyl. My family and I were out and about town a couple days before Christmas, killing some time, until we found this old store that had some antiques and a ton of used records. The store itself transported you back in time to the early days of vinyl. It was dimly lit, there were a couple of juke boxes for sales and you guessed it, it was full of records. Hell, the store itself was in a basement like room. We spent about an hour in that store flipping through records and not one of us had a record player. My dad and I ended up buying a few records and that is what kick started this craze for me. The first record I bought was Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in The USA” followed by. ” Kind of Blue” by miles Davis. Fast forward to New Years, my dad caved and bought a Denon record player. We hooked this thing up to their surround sound and threw on good Ole Miles. And boy, let me tell you I was hooked. People have always said you cannot beat the sound of vinyl and I agree. Maybe it’s just the old soul in me, but there is something so true and pure to the vinyl sound that cannot be replicated with all the digital technology we have today. You drop that needle and you get that warm crackling noise that just soothes you and makes you feel at home. Not only that, but you’re more or less forced to listen to whole albums since skipping songs is not as easy on a record. You get to hear the deeper cuts from artists that rarely see the light of day and are sometimes better than the popular songs. My parents and I spent our pre New Years eve evening listening to records and just talking. Now tell me something that is better than that? So, because of all this, my dad and I are now on a record hunting craze. I bought a record player and some more records and you best believe that I’ll be out on the town this weekend in Austin exploring record stores. What are your thoughts on vinyl? Do you have a favorite old record that you could just listen to over and over again?

Holiday Cheer


Hello readers! It’s been a little while since I have posted something. I thought with the holiday season upon us I would keep it short and simple and spread some holiday cheer with my all time favorite Christmas song. Nat King Cole owns this song and to me this sing is the epitome of Christmas music. This is also my moms favorite Christmas song ( hence probably why it’s mine as well) and overtime I listen to it I get flooded with great memories of family and this time of year. Yes I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside and it also makes me really miss my home and my family. Boy I cannot wait to go home for Christmas. With that being said, kickback, make yourself some hot cocoa, put on those fuzzy pajamas and let Nat King Cole whisk you away into the Christmas spirit.

Happy Holidays folks!

Song of the Week

This new song from Chris Stapleton, “Millionaire,” is a great tune. It really reminds you of what’s most important in this life. As long as you have love for yourself, love for others, and love from ones that are most dear to you than you have it made. I had the pleasure of going back to my Alma mater this weekend for homecoming and got to see my 4 closest friends. It was a great and special time and it really reminded me of how well I have it, even if we are all apart now. This song just takes you to that place of warmth and gratitude. It makes you truly realize how “rich” you really are. Hope you all take a listen and get a similar feeling.

Song of the Week

Hello readers! It has been a little while since my last post. Hope everyone is enjoy the Fall weather and the changing of the seasons. I’ll keep this post short.

Some of you may know how big of a fan I am of Kip Moore. Well just a little over a week ago he was in the UK for a week touring and he and his band did an absolutely brilliant cover of U2’s ” Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. It’s a helluva moment to watch and you can really feel the passion and emotion poured into each note. I am seeing Kip Moore in concert towards the end of the month and boy do I hope they continue with this cover. The video is not great quality since it was captured on a phone, but it still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Enjoy!

Breezy Trees and Crunchy Leaves


Hello Readers! I hope you are having a good start to your week. And if not, then maybe the fact that it’s officially Fall will cheer you up. I do not know about you guys but I love Fall. The weather starting to cool, the sweaters and heavier jackets making their seasonal debut, women in beanies, and the sense of the holidays being just right around the corner. Fall is a great time. And although it still may be warm in some places ( it is still early Fall), I am in the Fall mood. To me, nothing quite says Fall like ” It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” To me this soundtrack just really takes me to that Fall place. As soon as I start playing it I can taste the apple pie, see the fresh pumpkin patch and smell the Fall candles. That’s what this movie/soundtrack does for me. Perhaps it does something different for you. Let me know in the comments if you’re in the Fall mood. Let’s share some Fall memories on this post! Now as I sign off until the next post, put on this soundtrack, breakout your sweaters and beanies, and let the music take you to that open pumpkin patch, or smell the pumpkin spice as you’re officially whisked away into the Fall season.


Well hello readers! I know it’s been awhile again. I’ve been off in Europe for a couple weeks taking in and exploring the magnificent cities that are London and Paris. Then I had to make a quick trip back home to CA for a family wedding ( which was quite nice). However, now that I am more or less back I am ready to start bugging you guys with some more music posts. The biggest thing that has come out since my absence ( in my opinion) is the release of Kip Moore’s third studio album ” SLOWHEART.” I know you might be noticing how my titles are often the same as albums or songs, well that’s to get your attention to try and make sure you checkout and don’t forget what I’m talking about. Some of you may know that I am a MASSIVE Kip Moore. I love his music, and respect the hell out of the guy for his work ethic, dedication to his fans and his lifestyle. This album has been well worth the wait. Every song could be a hit. It’s that good. I had to make a post about it. For those of you who do not know him, go and checkout this album and his last album ” Wild Ones.” It’s worth it. You’ll ears will thank you later. That’s it for now. More content coming soon!



A Musical Discussion

As I’m sitting here in my apartment drinking hot tea and listening to some jazz, a re-ocuring thought keeps popping into my head. I’ve always wondered what people connect to more. Is it the lyrics of a song? The melody? The instruments? Of course the obvious answer here is all of the above. That’s what makes music, music. However, I am sure people connect differently to each of these aspects. Honestly, for me I go back and forth between lyrics and sound of the instruments. As a guitar player I hear certain notes or phrasing mixed in with a great pedal sound and I am overwhelmed with emotion and the occasional goosebumps. But as a music lover, I can hear any kind of instrument, melody, voice or song lyric and be completely overtaken by it. I think music has that kind of beautiful hold over us. Part of this post is me just thinking out loud ( nod to Ed Sheeran) to really try and figure out where I stand. But I remember having a conversation with a good friend of mine back in college and telling him that ultimately I connect with the lyrics and melody of a song first ( which I suppose is still true) and he came back with the complete opposite response. He said he always listens and connects to the instrumental parts of a song first. This is an interesting question/topic to me with no real right answer. I am curious to have your thoughts on this question and why you connect and feel towards one side over the other. I’m sure one makes you feel strongly more connected to yourself, the song that’s playing and/ or with someone else depending on the situation. Be honest with yourself cause I’m sure you do favor one more over the other. This question has always fascinated me so I am curious to hear some replies in the comments! If you like what you are reading here, give it a like and a follow. I do appreciate it. Have a good rest of the week!